The Piri Piri Story

In 1498 when the Portuguese explores sailed up to the east coast of Africa on their way to India, they discovered many wonderful things, the most wonderful thing they found was a small very unique strong tasting chilli which the local people (who spoke Swahili) called Peri-Peri (some call it Piri-Piri or even Pili-Pili) they used Peri-Peri as Medicine and also to enhance the flavour of their food. Our ancestors realized how good Piri-Piri was because it tasted so delicious and so they loaded their ships with Piri-Piri to introduce it to the rest of the world.

Today you get Piri-Piri anywhere. Piri-Piri is rich in vitamin A and C but much important is that it gives new life to your food. This chilli may be small but packs some serious heat, not to mention flavour, considered one of the spiciest chillies around, measuring in and around 170,000 scoville units. Piri-Piri chilli is the secret to creating those tantalizing sauces that add those finishing touches to your succulent chicken.

Our Story

We were tired of all the chicken franchises that produced dry tasteless chicken and decided to show them all how it's done. Poole Smokin' Rooster was created by the Iqbal brothers in 2011. We developed all the Piri Piri sauces in-house and are the innovators in this industry as everyone was just copying the original...

Smokin' Rooster is not only the most delicious and tender grill flamed chicken in town, it is also widely regarded as the healthiest fast food option available. Further, with the friendly staff, excellent service, varied choices and relaxed atmosphere we guarantee a unique restaurant experience to go with equally unique taste of legendary Piri-Piri Chicken. We created the excellence of home-cooked nutrition so that you could enjoy the perfection of traditional methods without the hassle. Our chicken is marinated for full 24 hours in our secret marinade created by using only the freshest natural ingredients. Chicken are then flame grilled right in front of you and to your perfection. They are basted in your tantalizing choices of Piri-Piri flavors of BBQ, Tikka, BBQ Spice, Lemon, Mild, Hot extra Hot, Dynamite & Inferno for the real dare devils.